One stop Solution


We offer a completely integrated solution that ties Payroll, Time and Attendance, HR, Employee Self Service and more together in a single unified data repository.  Data is available in real-time to all facets of the organisation. No need to run uploads or updates between applications.


  •   Platinum Desktop. Everything happens within PLATINUM’s own unique modern desktop, encompassing user friendly interface.  Different Desktops are definable allowing for unique menu options for users.
  •   Parameter Based. Platinum is developed with a Parameter approach, providing the ability to turn on or off various options and functions.
  •   Flexible Company Structure. The underlining design philosophy of Platinum is to provide flexibility for an organisation so as to allow for growth and change. A powerful feature within PLATINUM is Flexible Entities allowing for the creation of customised data tables.
  •   Security. Users are grouped together by Security Groups which provide for varying access to functionality, whether to view, add, modify or delete.  Along side with functional access users are given access to Employees by Payrolls, Work Areas and Position.
  •   Audit Log. All changes are recorded in a system Log so as to provide a complete trail of access and modifications. 
  •   Documentation Links. Ability to define links to documents, images, scanned files.  You can have at the ready, instant access to say signed contracts, scanned residency forms, customs documentation etc
  •   Reporting options provide the ability for all reporting to: screen, pdf, excel, csv       


  • A flexible Employment Record records the conditions under which an employee has been employed, ie, Start dates, Contracts, Agreements, Leave conditions / Entitlements, Pay Rates etc. Ability for an employee to be established with multiple concurrent active positions, allowing for an employee to be paid under different contractual conditions simultaneously.
  •   Pay Structures. Provides for multiple Payrolls supporting multiple Pay frequencies with the ability for multiple Pay Periods to be active and processed simultaneously. Supports simple as well as complex pay structures.
  •   Unlimited Pay codes for worked time, overtime, allowances and deductions with a variety of calculation methods available.  User defined accumulators provided for specific unique calculations.
  •   Leave. A lot of thought has been put into providing excellent functionality in the correct processing of Leave.  The design concept of Leave revolves around a Leave Ledger so that every change to a Leave balance, be it new entitlement, taken leave, revalued leave, adjustment etc, is recorded uniquely and provides a rolling leave balance.  Leave is processed and kept in Days and Hours simultaneously.  This resolves the awkwardness with Sick Leave for which the Holidays Acts provides entitlement in days, however payment is based on Relevant Daily Pay, hence paid in hours.  PLATINUM takes care of this.
  •    PLATINUM can be configured to automatically accrue an Alternate Day’s (Day in Lieu) entitlement when a payment is processed on a Public Holiday, (conditions apply).
  •    Complete History stored enabling the ability to reprint in entirety historical Pay Slip.
  •   Platinum provides interfaces to other organisations: IRD, On-line Bank, Multiple General Ledgers
  •    General Ledger. Providing a complete environment for defining a GL structure so as to generate GL transactions in keeping with your GL Chart of Accounts.   Provides Expense Transactions, Accrual Transactions, Addon Transactions (KiwiSaver Employer Contributions), Leave Revaluation Transactions.
  •   email Payslips as an encrypted pdf with access via unique employee password
  •   User defined spreadsheet import enabling the upload of transaction data, eg Bonus Payments, Manual Timesheets


The whole purpose of Time and Attendance is to take a Start Time of an Employee match it up to and End Time and process those times through a set of rules to determine how the employee is to be paid for that day.  There are huge efficiencies to be gained by using such a system to provide for the data entry of a Payroll. 

PLATINUM's Time and Attendance is completely integrated and embedded into the PLATINUM Payroll, as such there is no duplication in data of entry of Employee details.  The Time and Attendance functions in real time with the payroll, meaning that when a time entry is processed in Time and Attendance the Employees Pay Advice within the Payroll is instantly updated. 

  • Contractual agreements are applied consistently and correctly based on the rules set up, there eliminating bias or accidental over payments
  • Saves large amounts of manual time in processing paper timesheets or timecards
  • Minimal manual entry required, dealing only with exception
  • Real time view of those at work allowing mangers to mange quickly and effectively
  • Knowledge of actual costs provided via the Payroll once an employee as 'swiped' out
  • Greater transparency on time worked highlighting lateness, incomplete or wrong work patterns. 
  • Provides actual work data to analysis, control and improve overtime and exception costs
  • Daily times and hours presented back to the employee via their Payslip so providing comfort, confidence and accountability to the employee
  • Transparency of leave via fully integrated PLATINUM Payroll
  • Data capture through any Time Device, specialising in Vein Scanners and Facial Recognition providing efficient and reliable reads.


  • Training Module
  • Remuneration Review Module
  • Residency Status with expiry dates
  • Next of Kin, emergency contact details
  • Employee Licences, including restrictions, expiry dates , NZ Drivers License details
  • Qualifications and Qualification Components, enabling the tracking of training requirements
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Equipment Issues
  • Range of specific HR Reports including: Head Count, Staff Movement, Turn Over, Employment Survey


  • A completely integrated and real-time Self Service for Employees and Mangers.
  • Employee / Next of Kin Maintenance
  • Leave Requests and Leave Approvals
  • Calendar detailing Rosters, Leave Requests, Leave Blocks
  • On-line Timesheets
  • On-Line Payslips and reprint
  • Company Notice Board